Friday, February 18, 2011

Decoupage Wood Initial

You've seen my decoupage picture frames and you know how much I adore this technique, so I have been inspired to try it in different ways. I found these white letters at Michaels made from MDF that you can hang on your wall and decided it would be cute to decorate the front with fun patterned paper. I used the exact same process as the picture frame tutorial in my previous post, except I didn't have to paint it because it was already white. You could paint it a coordinating color if you wanted, but I like the contrast.

Our last name begins with the letter "E" so I was thinking it would be cute to hang on our living room wall, although I chose a very girly pattern. My husband doesn't seem to mind since he painted one of our living room lamps watermelon pink last year. Letters in this pattern would be really cute in a little girl's or teenager's room. You could use a more sophisticated pattern and create a monogram for a wedding as well. I will definitely repeat this project when we have the need for a nursery. Can you imagine a baby's name spelled out with these letters in a cute pattern or various patterns within a color scheme?

Photos by Kyle @ 918 Photo

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