Friday, February 11, 2011

Pom Pom Flower Tutorial

We take a break from the decoupage projects, to show you a tutorial for sweet pom pom flowers in preparation for Valentine's Day. If you recall, I made these flowers as part of our wedding centerpieces and now use them in my home decor. They are a simple, modern flower with a lovely texture, plus they're easy to make in any color you like.

To begin you will need the following supplies:

1. Yarn in your choice of color
2. Scissors
(simple, no?)

2. Wind the yarn around 2 or 3 of your fingers (number of fingers depends on the size of pom pom you want)

3. Continue to wrap the yarn around your fingers approximately 100 times (the more times you wrap, the larger the pom pom, a standard size pom pom is 100 times around 2 fingers)

4. Once you have finished wrapping, cut the end. Then cut an additional string of yarn (approx. 4-5 inches), slide the "tube" of yarn off your fingers and place it on top of the string so that the openings of the "tube" are facing the ends of the string.

5. Wrap the string around the tube of yarn so that it is centered and start to make a knot. Pull the string as tight as possible before completing the knot.

6. Once the string is as tight as you can get it, complete the knot.

7. Trim the ends of the string, take one side of the yarn and cut through the loops created by the center string.

8. Once you have cut through all the loops on one side you will have a bunch of fringe.

9. Cut through the loops on the other side to get the same fringe. Then begin to trim the fringe all around the ball.

10. Continue to trim the ends of the fringe evenly around the ball until you have created a pom pom to your liking.

Ta Da! Completed pom pom... you can do whatever you like with your little yarn pom. I like to make flowers by gluing the pom pom to a floral wire stem with a hot glue gun. Here is a bouquet of hot pink pom pom flowers in various sizes.

Simple and fun. Even our pup, Olive, likes it.


Photos by Kyle @ 918 Photo