Monday, December 13, 2010

Ceremony Programs

The next major paper craft I created was the program for our wedding ceremony. I wanted to make our programs unique, but informative. We conducted our ceremony outdoors and my husband's uncle officiated. We wrote the ceremony ourselves and designed it to be short, sweet and personal. I designed the programs to be small so that you could fit them in your purse and used the same fonts as the invitations to keep all the printed elements cohesive. I wanted a personalized stamp made with our names and wedding date to use on the front cover. We ended up with a stamp that started a secondary theme: birds.

The programs were designed as small, square booklets tied together with aqua baker's twine. I wanted to keep them simple since I needed to produce so many myself. The front and back cover was made with pool cardstock. The front had a vertical band of moss green paper and our personalized stamp centered over it.

Each booklet consisted of 8 pages of information. The first page was a note from my husband and I thanking everyone for attending the event.

The next two pages listed the key individuals participating in our ceremony and our wedding party.

Next, we outlined our ceremony and included our chosen reading so that guests could follow along.

We also wanted to include a passage that was meaningful and personal to us. So we chose to include excerpts from "I Like You" by Sandol Stoddard Warburg. If you have not read this book, check it out. It is so sweet and really spoke to my husband and I since we had been together for 13 years prior to getting married.

The final page was a tribute to our family members who could not be with us on our special day.

Once I had designed the content of the program, the rest of the work consisted of printing, cutting and folding. The process was simple, yet time consuming, but ultimately worth it. We ended up with a very unique and personal program that tied in perfectly with our theme and the overall impression of our wedding.

Photos by Kyle @ 918 Photo
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