Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Escort Cards

Table assignments are often a key component to any party or reception. How do guests know where to sit? Why an escort card, of course. Placing a table number on each table and creating escort cards for your guests is a common way of letting them know this is where you should go to eat, mingle and relax. They are called escort cards because they literally escort the guest to the correct table. Traditional escort cards are small rectangle cards folded in half so that you can stand them on a table near the entrance to a reception. There are a lot of fun non-traditional ways to create escort cards using a variety of materials. I have seen corks for a wine themed party, polished stones for a zen-like theme, or mini-plants for a garden themed gathering. You can use just about anything that you can write on or affix a small card to, the possibilities are endless.

I wanted our escort cards to be whimsical and fun while also keeping with our theme. I created tags punched from pool cardstock like the tags initially used on our invitations. I printed each person's name and table number onto the cardstock in our chosen font. Then I affixed a small, spring green button between their name and table number to incorporate our button theme. The tags looked like this...

I decided to create a clothesline of cards using aqua baker's twine and mini clothespins. I wanted a unique way to display the cards and have guests remove them from the line as they walked into the reception. We hung the clothesline between two posts to the right of the main entrance to the tent. Each card hung from a small loop of green baker's twine that was pinned with a mini clothespin to the line. I just love the look of hanging non-traditional items from a clothesline. I've also incorporated this idea into other events using photographs.

 The concept was a big hit at our wedding and a fairly simple one to execute. Guests took the opportunity to clip the cards to their lapels with the mini-clothespins and everyone had a lot of fun with it.

Escort cards are an easy way to continue your theme and involve your guests. So be creative!

Card & Lapel photo by Uncle Tim
Clothesline photo by Vic Pellicier @ Pellicier a.p.d.

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