Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wedding Invitations - Part 2

On to the second part of the wedding invitation posts... In addition to the invite card, we included a card with accommodations/directions and a RSVP postcard. We had a lot of out-of-towners invited to our wedding so it was important for us to include accommodation selections and directions with a map. The accommodations were also included on our save-the-date cards and wedding website, but we wanted to put them as many places as possible so guests would not have to go far to find the information. I again used the eco white cards from Paper Source and printed the hotel listings with address and phone number on one side. I used the Aquarelle font in aqua for the title and in black for the hotel names and Souvenir font in black for the hotel details. I chose to bring our button theme into play by embossing a button in moss green at the bottom of the card.

On the other side of this card we printed the directions and map to our venue. I created a simple map of the area in Powerpoint like so...

To create the map, I copied a section of the area in google maps into a Powerpoint slide. I adjusted the size until it included everything I wanted and then I traced over the major roads and landmarks with the drawing function. Once I had traced everything I wanted to include (roads, park, river, etc.) then I deleted the google maps picture and was left with the map above. I added color, the names of the major landmarks in the same fonts as our invite and different icons for our venue, hotel, highways, and the Basketball Hall of Fame. I then inserted the map into a Word document and added a title and the written directions.

The next piece was the RSVP postcard. We chose to do a postcard instead of a card and separate envelope for a couple reasons.
1. Save money 
2. A postcard fit better with our more laid-back, whimsical theme
3. Save money :)
I highly recommend going with a RSVP postcard as it's easy, more cost effective both in supplies and postage and we received a lot of positive feedback from our guests. We chose postcard-sized cards in pool from Paper Source so that we knew we could use the cheaper postcard stamps. We printed "R.S.V.P." as well as the due date for responses on the front of the postcard in black Aquarelle font.

Then on the back I created a postcard format with a vertical dotted line and space for a stamp. I added the RSVP details on the left and our return address on the right. We had our ceremony and reception at the same location, so we added a response for the wedding and one for the brunch the following morning. We included a space to request a favorite song for the reception at the bottom. I also rounded all of the corners on both the accommodations/directions card and RSVP postcard.

Because we only used one envelope, I wanted to add another detail indicating each individual invited and to make sure they knew that they could bring a guest if they were single. I also needed a way to package all three parts together, so I purchased aqua baker's twine from Divine Twine @ Whisker Graphics (highly recommended!) and punched buttons out of spring green cardstock. I typed everybody's first name (and guest, if applicable) and punched out tags with their names on them. I tied the whole package together with the twine looping through the button and name tag.

Here is what the recipient found when opening the envelope.

And here are all the parts of the package.

Photos by Kyle @ 918 Photo

Next time: Embossing - A Tutorial

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