Friday, March 4, 2011

March is Here!

Sometimes I get on crafting kicks and cannot stop myself from creating the same project again and again. The felt rosette wreaths (here) that I created last month called to me again and I had supplies for at least three more wreaths. This time though, I used circle styrofoam wreaths instead of heart-shaped ones.

I decided to create two wreaths for two very different March themes. The first one I created with lime green felt for St. Patricks's Day!

The luck of the Irish! Or as my husband put it, "It looks like lettuce." I take that as a compliment as I am a salad fan, plus it could also represent cabbage and therefore translate once again to St. Patty's Day.

Side note: Our pup, Olive, loves when Dad takes pictures. She is always up in his business...

The second wreath I made is for my mom (and dad) in honor of the Kansas State Wildcats (their alma mater) and March Madness.

College hoops and crafting? Who would of thought the two would mix, but I found a way. I love basketball and I love crafts so why the heck not? Besides simply choosing the school colors isn't that crazy of an idea, mostly just an excuse to use my purple felt.

What unusual themes or hobbies have you incorporated into your crafts or designs? Are you creating anything fun in preparation for St. Patrick's Day?

Photos by Kyle @ 918 Photo

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