Monday, March 7, 2011

Pom Pom Garland

You remember the pom poms I showed you how to make here? Well I found a new way to use those poms other than cute, modern flowers. How about cute, modern garlands? Great for parties, events, even your home. I have them strewn around our office/craft room.

The first one I made out of leftover green and aqua poms from our wedding. I used aqua baker's twine from Divine Twine and threaded it through the center of each pom using a large embroidery needle and spacing them along the twine. It's hanging above the large window in our office/craft room.

For the second one, I created new poms out of bold, rich colors. Peacock blue, lime green, deep purple and magenta, they remind me of peacock feathers and they're currently my favorite colors for just about anything. I threaded them with gray baker's twine also from Divine Twine. It's hanging above the closet in our office/craft room.

Aren't they pretty and fun?

I have to admit that this project led to some frustration for me as the poms can be difficult to thread sometimes. Certain poms I made were threaded on the first try with no problems, but others would not go through after many tries and eventually fell apart. I really have no idea what I did differently either time to make it work (or not work).

If anyone has experience threading these poms to make a garland, please share with us the correct way to thread them easily everytime. I would love to know and I'm sure anyone else wanting to try this project would too.

Photos by Kyle @ 918 Photo

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