Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Shower Games - Who's That Baby?

So every shower has games to play and no matter how cheesy they may be, it's tradition, so its gotta be done. However, when planning this shower I attempted to make it as fun as possible while limiting the cheese factor. I think I succeeded.

I always love a good puzzle so everyone participated in a baby-themed word scramble and a "name that baby animal" quiz. We also did a baby trivia quiz which was a lot harder than you would imagine. Winners for these games received a gift card of their choice. We also played baby gift bingo to try to spice up the gift opening portion of the event. Everyone wrote items that they thought the Mom-to-be would receive in their bingo card squares. I punched out a million circles in brown cardstock for this game (ouch!). Then as gifts were opened, guests placed a circle on the squares they guessed right until somebody got "Bingo". The winner won a fabulous gift basket.

The final game we played took some preparation ahead of time by not only myself, but the guests as well. On the bottom of the invitation, we asked guests to bring a baby picture of themselves to the shower. As guests arrived, I assigned their picture a number and hung it from a clothesline with a small clothespin indicating that number. Once the game began, everyone had to write the corresponding number next to the name of the person who's baby picture they thought it matched. I used my favorite colored baker's twine in pink from Divine Twine for the "clothesline".

I chose to use clothespins and a "clothesline" instead of pinning the pictures straight to the board so I could avoid writing numbers on the photos themselves and sticking extra holes in them. Besides, doesn't it look cuter?

Since many people did not know each other prior to the shower, I created nametags so that guests could try to identify individuals based on the way they look today. I (of course) had to create the nametags to follow our theme, so I printed everyone's name onto pink cardstock and punched them into small circles. I then punched larger circles out of dark brown cardstock and layered the pink circle over it. I attached the two circles together with a white eyelet. I used an eyelet so I could thread pink embroidery floss through it to create a necklace of sorts. That way guests wore it around their necks and didn't have to deal with an adhesive back or pin in their clothes.

The winner of the baby picture game also received a fabulous gift basket. Shower games can be as simple or as complicated as you want them to be, use your creativity and everyone will have a good time.

Photos by Kyle @ 918 Photo

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