Friday, January 28, 2011

Thank You Cards

Saying "thanks" is so important. Whether it's for the little everyday things or the big occasions, a hand-written thank you card can be really special for the recipient. It can be fun for the person writing it too when you create your own personalized cards.

I adore creating based on a theme (if you hadn't already noticed), so I created thank you cards for our wedding in our color scheme. I used a large "Thank You" stamp and stamped it in various colors from our theme on the front of a simple white folded card. I embossed the moss green "Thank You" in the center of the card to give it some extra definition.

I needed to create A LOT of cards for both my bridal shower and our wedding so I chose a simple design that was easy to reproduce, but still looked nice and festive.

If you are hosting or planning an event for someone, I love the idea of creating thank you cards in the designated theme and giving them to the guest of honor as a gift. I did this for my sister-in-law when I hosted her baby shower. I chose to do two different designs based on the pink and chocolate brown polka-dot theme. The first card I did was very simple. I used a large "Thanks" stamp and embossed it in pink in the center of a white folded card. I punched out chocolate brown circles of various sizes and added them to the front of the card to incorporate the polka-dots.

The second card I created for my sister-in-law was a variation on the baby shower invitation design. I started with a large circle punched out of pink paper. I used a "Thank You" stamp and embossed it in chocolate brown onto the pink circle. I affixed the pink circle to the bottom right hand corner of a white folded card. I then punched pink and chocolate circles of various sizes and added them to the card in a similar pattern as the invitation.

You can personalize these cards in so many ways, there are endless possibilities. So give Thanks!

Photos by Kyle @ 918 Photo

Coming Soon: Home Decor Craft Projects Galore!

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